Kerri Supports Coldplay!

Oh my goodness folks. What an incredible couple of days it's been. I actually think i've been living in an alternate universe for the last 48 hours. On the 11th and 12th of July, i had the absolute honour of being invited to join my dear friends, the band Embrace on stage to support Coldplay at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium in front of two sold out crowds. Incase you don't know the background of my association with Embrace, Danny McNamara the singer was one of the first people to start coming to see my shows and give me advice. He later introduced me to his brother Rick the guitarist of the band and Rick and I started a wonderful working relationship with Rick having produced all my singles that have been on the radio. Mickey, Mike and Steve the 3 other band members have all played on my recordings too. Embrace and i have been working on a collaboration recently and that's what we performed at the Coldplay shows. Another interesting fact - back when Coldplay started out, they supported Embrace on tour! 

It's seriously been a dream come true and now i'm more determined than ever to keep touring and making you guys more music. Thank you to all who sent kind messages of encouragement. KW x

Old School Love - out now!

Wow! Can't believe the day has come to release this song. Every part of this process from the lyric idea, to the writing of the song, to the production, creating the artwork and making the video (keep an eye out for that coming soon) has been so incredible and meant a lot to me! I wrote this song about falling in that magical kind of love that feels effortless, honest, pure and most of much fun! 

I signed my first deal with a major record label - East West Records a part of Warner Music Group and creating this release with them has been a dream. The song is now available on most download and streaming sites and I've got a few live dates lined up so i can play it for you in person too! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on 'Old School Love' and I'll hopefully see you soon! KW 

A new look...

Welcome to my new website! I had loads of fun collaborating with Filthy Media in Brighton to get it just right and it feels great to have a fresh new look. There’s lots of news and updates to come but for now I’ll keep it short and say thanks for being here and allowing me to share my music with you. Look forward to some good times with you guys over the summer! ’til then… KW